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Primary: $325 annually Which membership services interest you? Commercial Credit Reports Consumer Credit Reports Industry Specific Credit Groups Legal Public Record Reports Tell us more…. *Company Name: City: State: Zip Code: President/Owners Email: FEIN Mailing Address: *City: *State: *Zip Code: Number of Customers with A/R Balance: A/R Software Used: President/Owner: *Primary Representative’s Name: Products Sold/Services Rendered: Principal Type of Customer: Additional: $75 per representative Notices of Completion Reports Collection Services Background Reports Accreditation for the Credit Manager Education Networking Company Type: Proprietorship Partnership LLC Corporation Year Established: *Physical Address: Business: Manufacturing Wholesale Distribution Financial Service Other Sales/Customer Area: Local Regional National International *Primary Representative’s Title: *Phone: *E-Mail: Additional Company Representative: Title: Phone: E-Mail: Additional Company Representative: Title: Phone: E-Mail: *Phone: *Website: We herewith apply for membership to the National Association of Credit Management of East Tennessee. We pledge to observe the bylaws and rules of the association and to further its objectives in so far as possible. All dues are payable annually, in advance, and continue from year to year unless a notice of cancellation is given at least thirty days in advance of the expiration date. Dues are subject to increase annually without notification. There are no refunds. We understand that this application for membership is subject to approval by the association’s board of directors.

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